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The Lost Tribe of the Northwest Pirate Nation
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Northwest kink, GLBT, BDSM, swinging, polyamory, and Sexual Freedom
This is the group for http://www.myspace.com/losttribe_nwpn

This is what it says on that myspace page: Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Pansexual, Bi, Drag, Fag, Butch. Master, Mistress, Slave, Switch. Swinger, Polyamourous, Polygynous. Geek, Wiccan, Geek, Freak, Goth, HaXXor, SCA, Gamer, Gimp. Did We forget someone--well, you know who you are. It's not personal--this is a liquid life in a liquid world. The Pirate Queen is always happy to converse with the crew and can even be talked into site modifications if your case is presented in a reasonable and intelligent manner--if not, off the plank with ye! This is the HUB for all you ALTs out there in the Northwest, in the central area, of the Kingdom of An Tir, also known as the greater Portland, OR area. It has come to Our attention that even among our crew of ruffians and scalawags, there is another Tribe: Pirates and Ninjas that live even more on the fringe of society. This is the Lost Tribe. They cluster together, like moths around foxfire, even harder to bring together than our diverse crew as a whole. This website is a LOUD show of support from ALL your pirate brethren, monitored by Your Pirate Queen, Ourselves. It is also Our hope to fight the recent trend for the various "groups" out there to cocoon amongst yourselves, whether out of fear that someone else really "out there" will hurt your bid for common popularity, or simply out of lack of connection. You are all Brethern under the Flag of the Northwest Pirate Nation. Communicate here, learn here, send in your Events and Meetings for The Captain to post, debate your issues (always keeping the Queen's rules in mind, of course), meet your neighbor, Get A VOICE.