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The Lost Tribe of the Northwest Pirate Nation

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The Lost Tribe of the Northwest Pirate Nation
The Lost Tribe


September 17th, 2008

We know the tradition is to post events on the Myspace page, but this is just too important...


Portland Pirate Festival

Arrrhhh! Ye WILL be there.

By the way, the Queen and various crew members are sprinkled throughout the promo video, of course.

August 5th, 2008

As promised, we are keeping the events posted on the Lost Tribe Myspace page, but just in case you missed it, its...
 Leather Pride Week!

July 31st, 2008

  I'm cross-posting this to my personal journal, as it contains personal information. <3 <3 The Pirate Queen

Your Masturbation Kit

We *TOLD* you we'd be talking about things here that we wouldn't be talking about on the Myspace page.

Not everyone has one, but even those who think they don't need one--that Helga and her 4 sisters are just fine on their own, might consider the benefits of adding a lube or sex lotion some of the time--or wet wipes and a stack of tidy little hand towels by the bed. We have a friend who is the epitome of neatness. he always masturbates with a condom on for easy cleanup. We believe this might serve a dual purpose of "condom training"--making condom use so second-nature that he has none of the difficulty that sometimes plagues men when they have to stop in the middle of a hot sexual encounter to strap on their raincoat.

Or maybe you have one or two mainstays that you only employ occasionally while masturbating, but you find that you always come back to the same old favorite when you do dip into the tool box. We have another friend who occasionally gives Helga and the girls a rest and instead employs a grapefruit, sometimes gently warmed up, with a hole carved out of one side for his cock. He swears by this, and I for one, am eager to hear your thoughts, should anyone out there want to give this a try.

Here then, is the Pirate Queen's Masturbation Kit

The Dildos

Some years ago, The Queen switched all Her vibes/dildos over to Tantus brand toys (http://www.tantusinc.com/home.php). Here's why: YOU CAN PUT THESE FUCKERS IN THE DISHWASHER.

Tantus states, " Tantus Toys are hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable, and bleachable. Great for those with sensitive skin." and "All Tantus Toys are hand-made in the USA with the utmost pride and craftsmanship. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care, Tantus Toys can last a lifetime."

So this first one was a birthday present to the Pirate Queen from a friend. It has a space inside for inserting a vibrating bullet and works about the best with Her strap-on. In fact, She calls it "The Dong of Friendship," but occasionally, She likes to get experimental in her masturbating and that little bend can help out a lot.

This is the "small silk" dildo. Just a whopping 4.4" long. Why? Sometimes the Queen is in the mood for a little double penetration while getting Herself off. This one is great for anal insertion, or to slide into the pussy with a larger dildo as you are fantasizing about both Captain Jack and Barbossa at the same time.

The Queen has the "out of print" aqua-colored version of the Echo model, thus She has dubbed it, "The Blue Meanie." But it's really not. Those ridges are divine. In fact, She might just tell you more about it further on.

Last, but literally not least, the Queen has another "out of print" model similar to the one above, but smoother. She calls it "The Big Black One," of course.

The Vibrators

The Butterfly is ridiculous, but get rid of that and you have the Queen's favorite bullet. Marketed as an "ipod vibrator," this clever little gadget also plugs into other stereoesque equipment. The Queen was pleased to find that she could plug it into her laptop and eventually had to cancel her Eve subscription, as addiction is an ugly thing. There is a sensitivity dial for sound input, however, and this little guy can plug away just fine without the audio as well. We have been pleased with its durability and long battery life as well.

Also a gift from a friend. We don't know what to say. It must be the ears.

One More Thing

DO NOT get the wooden ones. DO NOT get the heavy duty ones. Just the plain old cheap plastic ones. We think a more in depth discussion of the How-tos and whats and wheres of safety pins might be worth its own discussion, so for now, if you choose to read the Queen's masturbation story below, you can get a sample of how they can be used.

Well that rounds off the Pirate Queen's standby's for her masturbation kit.
What's in yours?
Truly We want to know. The more you know about sex, the more you realize that you can never learn it all. Do you wonder if your masturbation kit is average?  Do you have something no one else has thought of yet? Or that hasn't shown up in our local Toy Store? Do you have it down to a science and only need that one SPECIAL item? What is it?


July 30th, 2008

Greetings, this is the Pirate Queen.

This space has been created as an additional forum for the Lost Tribe and the Friends of the Lost Tribe.

It is Our hope that this LJ can be used to facilitate more communication because:
-Less censorship than other venues, such as Myspace (these other venues will continue--We want more communication,not less!)
-A better forum for involved, at length discussion where we can learn more about each other and what's going on in our lives
-A chance for those involved in email conversations, or email groups to educate, involve, and MEET others

Do you want to meet someone? Friends with similar interests? That special someone? Swingers in your area?
-You can post an "ad" on this group
-We encourage you to post an intro when you join, you may include contact information at your discretion and information about who you'd like to meet.
-We reserve the right to yank anyone who seems to be spamming, etc. Telling us about your website of erotic pics--ok. Sending us to pop-up ejaculating pay porn sites will get you keelhauled.
-The Crew cannot personally visit and interview everyone who joins up. The internet is NOT always as anonymous as it seems. If you are worried about a boss, an ex, children, parents, etc ever seeing what you post here, please consider creating a separate LJ account, perhaps using a gmail email address for use with this group and similar.
-No soliciting minors, farm animals, illegal activities etc. Heck, you can even talk about 'em in fantasy, but if it sounds like you're talking about doing something actually harmful and using this forum as an instrument of said activity, We have to boot you to preserve the forum for others.

Those with Clubs, Groups, etc.
-By all means, post announcements of your events here
-We think it would be wonderful if you also posted a recap of your event afterwards. This is especially helpful to someone who may have been interested in attending but felt too shy, uninformed, new, etc to go. Maybe, with your help, they'll come next time.
-Please consider also posting events to the Lost Tribe Myspace (We believe there is a link to the left). If you absolutely do not want to touch MySpace with a 10-foot whaling harpoon, mention in your lj post that you would like the Pirate Queen to post your even to the MySpace.

Talk to Us!!!!
-This is also a place to post your erotic stories, artwork, personal experiences, reactions, opinions, ideas, pleas for help, helpful advice, etc regarding alternative lifestyles, eroticism, or anything else you think fits the Lost Tribe.

What's going on below this post????
What you'll see is some FAQ type entries, which We will be adding to as we go along. IF you have information you feel should be added to the "address book" or other such entries, please state in your post, and We will see about doing so. We'll keep tag/links to these entries, and once they get fuller post/repost the updated versions to this journal and other forums such as the Lost Tribe Myspace.

Swinging and Group Sex FAQ

What is swinging? Open relationships?

The Poly FAQ Sheet

What is Polyamory? Polygyny, polygamy, etc goes here

Locations and Organizations

Club Sesso (aka Friends of Paul, aka Friends of Paul)
    What: This is one of PDX's largest swinging groups, formerly attached to a specific site, but presently "roaming". They throw parties and social event s in high quality locations such as nicer hotels and clubs. This group is open to the "new" swing style, where sex is much more likely to be public, or multi-couple, allows singles, and female-on-female contact is...well...ok with them if its ok with you! .Who doesn't love a hot bi babe? While in one location, the group had regular swing parties as described above every weekend as well as "Gang Bang Crew" parties for those inclined to wild group sex, and "Pansexual" nights which celebrate other lifestyles (BDSM, for example) as well as orientation.



Spartacus Leather

What: Showtimes: Wednesday and Thursday - 8:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m
Entertainment Charge - $15.00

Dinner Seating - 5:00 - 7:00 By Reservation

Male Strippers - Friday and Saturday Night at Midnight (
You must be twenty one (21) years of age with a valid picture ID)
Click here for more info

Dinner is served Wednesday thru Saturday beginning at
6:30 p.m
. Reservations Please!!!

Reservations for the Wednesday thru Saturday shows are not required but are highly recommended!!!

World Famous Female Impersonators

Darcelle XV & Company have been entertaining audiences in all walks of life for over 37 years with Las Vegas-style cabaret revues of Glitz, Glamour and Comedy. Stop by when you are in Portland and you will be glad that you did!

We have travelled the States presenting a show that you have to see to believe. Company parties are welcomed at Darcelle XV Showplace.

Gift Certificates are available.


208 N.W. Third Avenue Portland, Oregon

Wed. -Thurs 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fri - Sat 6:00 p.m. - 2:30 a.m

Telephone: 503-222-5338         Fax: 503-248-6771

We accept American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard


Egyptian Room



In Other Words


Poly Circle Discussion Group

Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

Fantasy Adult Video

The Roxy


Deaf and Hearing Out Reach


We are a local signing community of Deaf and hearing queer and queer-friendly people who rely on community engagement and support to fulfill our mission.


Deaf & Hearing OutReach (DHOR) builds community among Deaf and hearing queers and allies through social, educational, and community resources in an environment where the door is open to all.

First Congregational United Church of Christ "Open and Affirming" http://www.uccwebsites.net/firstcongportlandor.html

1126 SW Park Avenue
Portland,  OR 97205

Phone #: 503-228-7219
Fax # : 503-228-6522

Portland Gay Men's Chorus


The Portland Gay Men's Chorus aspires to expand, redefine, and perfect the choral art through eclectic performances that honor and uplift the gay community and affirm the worth of all people.

The Portland Lesbian Choir is committed to excellence as a performance group and to performing lesbian/gay positive music with a special emphasis on music by, for, and about women.
Email p o r t l a n d l e s b i a n c h o i r ( A T ) h o t m a i l ( D O T ) c o m
Postal Portland Lesbian Choir
P.O. Box 8212
Portland, OR 97207
Voicemail 503-727-3306

Northwest Gender Alliance (NWGA), of Portland, Oregon, is a social, support and educational group for individuals who desire to explore and express another gender. This includes crossdressers, transsexuals, and other individuals who identify themselves as transgendered. NWGA accepts any gender role-- male to female or female to male. The group is open to individuals who wish to dress in the clothing of the opposite gender and individuals who desire to change their gender.

The club holds monthly open meetings and sponsors a variety of social functions. There are yearly dues, which cover the cost of the monthly NWGA newsletter, the Hot-Line Phone and club activities.

NWGA offers an accepting, understanding, and supportive environment in which individuals are able to explore and express transgendered feelings. We welcome new members.

How to contact the NWGA

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 4928
Portland, Oregon 97208-4928

Information Phone Line:
(503) 533-8787


Oregon Bears

Ember's Avenue

110 N.W. Broadway @ Couch
Portland, Oregon
In Historic Old Town

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